Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Digging up bones.

I'm diggin' up bones,i'm diggin' up bones
Exhuming things that's better left alone......I love Randy Travis's soothing voice.

Yesterday, I spent some quality time with my shovel. It was feeling lonely and neglected like so many other things around here. The compost was a little jealous but I promised we would get together soon.

Remember what the orchard area looked like after we burned and burned everything in site? Do you see all the logs and ash and pine needles? click here to read Rings of Fire What a huge mess.

So, it was time to finish cleaning this area up.

First, we had to pick up all the big limbs and take them to a burn pile in the corner of the property. Then, we needed to come back and rake up all the big stuff , load it in the four wheeler trailer, and take it to the burn pile. We repeated this 5 billions times.

Until the area around the stumps looked something like this. Now, we will have the stumps ground and the grass can grow into the area. It is a long process.

After dealing with the ash and coals, we had to deal with all kinds of curious finds. Like this pipe buried 5 feet in the ground in the middle of the yard. Why was it there? I have no idea.

Just like the other millions of items we find all over the place. While raking, we have found dishes, toys, socks, tools, money, pieces of metal, car parts, fences, Emu bones (yes , I am serious!), hoses, pipes and a lot more unidentifiable objects. Why these things were buried all over the place is a mystery to me.
So, yesterday, I find this pipe buried in the middle of a hilled up area of dirt. It looks like a burial site. I kept thinking some demented , mad, psychotic serial killer buried someone alive and stuck the pipe in the ground to torture them. Letting them breathe and talk while they slowly wasted away. I was a little nervous to start digging this pipe up. Each shovel-full of dirt was carefully inspected.

I also thought that maybe it was a mass grave of Emus. I have found so many Emu bones all over the place. They haunt me.

Or, maybe there are dog bones, lots and lots of dog bones because one of the previous owners raised pit bulls here. Lots of em. *shudder* Nothing against pit bulls, my demented mind just wanders when thinking about why someone would raise that many pit bulls.

We keep finding these chains buried by the trees around the property. Maybe these were used for the dogs? Hmmmmm.

Well, turns out it was just a pipe in the middle of a lot of piled up dirt. I still have no idea what in the world it was doing out there. Oh, I also found a weight and a metal can and lots of wrappers.

We planted all the fruit trees. They look like toothpicks. Even more so since the dumb deer keep pruning them for me. *sigh*

Soon, the grass will grow in, the stumps will be gone and the area will look like this. Until then, I'll be digging and raking and digging and raking and........................................................

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