Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I ran out of laundry soap this weekend. I usually make a lot at once so it will last a while. I do laundry each and every day and I still can not keep on top of it. It is impossible to. Between two boys who evidently roll in the mud every day and a daughter who changes her clothes fifty times every morning to all my dirty clothes covered with pig, chicken, goat, and garden grub, it is a loosing battle. Since I use so much it is just more economical to make my own. I started with a basic recipe and have changed it over the last year to suit my needs better. The original version was okay but my changes have made it so much better.

I increased the grated soap to almost 1/2 bar. I use Ivory because it is so much better on my kiddos sensitive skin. I also added in a scoop of Oxi clean and about 20 drops of Lavender essential oil. I just like the way it makes the clothes smell. I also sprinkle a few drops on a cloth and put it in with the clothes in the dryer. I am thinking of putting in a clothes line but have not gotten to the actual planning stages yet.

With the help of my sweet little guy we made 10 bottles of laundry detergent. Maybe this will last a week or two. If I'm lucky.
(Just kidding, it usually lasts for several months)

Cody helped me grate, mix and pour. He loves making soap. It is like Christmas for him.

Off to put another load in.....Signing off from Mount Laundry.

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