Friday, July 24, 2009

Cheap Romantic

The kids surprised Lee and I last night with their "restaurant" called Cheap Romantic.
Oh my, they are too cute. They set up a table on the front porch with a tablecloth, flowers, candles and condiments. They even rolled up the silverware in napkins and made....


A full menu

They even played music for us. An old Dixie Chick CD.
Nothing says romantic like hearing Goodbye Earl.

Earl had to die
Goodbye earl
Those black-eyed peas
They tasted all right to me earl
You're feeling weak
Why don't you lay down
And sleep earl
Aint it dark
Wrapped up in that tarp earl

Made me feel all gooey and sentimental.

They each dressed up and had their own waiter towels.

They took our orders for drinks, appetizers, then for our main meal.

Even wine glasses...but filled with water, of course.

Every time they would bring out our order in would be in this tray. They brought out the chair each and every time with the tray to set it down and serve us. (Me thinks they have been to Olive Garden too often)

They made a wonderful pasta and salad. They put a lot of effort into serving us. It was just the sweetest thing ever. It really did relax us and made us appreciate these fantastic kiddos even more. They hi-fived each other when their Dad and I were hugging and dancing.

This little guy missed the excitement due to a nap, so this morning he made a restaurant for me. He called it Fun Deals. Each dish on his menu started with the word fun.

He made me 4 pieces of fun buttered toast and fun hot green tea.

The kids all just melt my heart.

Until the older two wiggled their way in Cody's restaurant this morning and started ordering things left and right like a bunch of freaks. Like, all Cody's money, his hat, chocolate, sugar, and if they could eat the house and my chickens...things just got out of hand from there.

I love my kiddos.


Melenie said...

This is so sweet. How thoughtful of them.

keptwoman said...

Oh thats so gorgeous!