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Bow Wow Meow

The kids started volunteering at our local Humane Society this summer.   They will continue to volunteer for at least the rest of this school year.  They have been having a great time and love all the animals.  The dogs are adorable and most are very well trained.  Secretly, I think the cats are their favorite.

They started in part because they love animals but also because I wanted them to start doing things outside of themselves.  Volunteering is such a great way to give back and to help others.  I am looking
into local nursing homes to volunteer in as well.  The elderly have such great stories and experiences to share.  We can learn so much from them and I am hoping the children will appreciate the experience.  If not now, then later.  I keep trying to plant seeds in their heart and souls.  Hopefully, one day the tiny seeds will sprout and take hold. 

Most of what the children do is socialize the animals.  They walk them and leash train them.  They can also teach them basic commands and train them.  The idea is to make the animals more adoptable.  The more friendly, happy and trained the better their chances of finding a good home.  Most of the cats are even trained to sit!  There are some wonderful animals at the shelter.

It is a very good thing that the Humane Society does not allow you to adopt a pet for the first several hours you volunteer.  It would have been very tempting to take several of these little guys home. 

Creepy Crawlies 4/30/10

Our homeschool group coordinated a special educational program at the zoo a few weeks ago for the homeschool kids.  We had such a fantastic time and we learned so much!

Lexie is an animal nut.  She would like to be a wildlife biologist when she grows up so this program was right up her alley.  The zoo has a program called Zoo Teen.  The program allows kids 13 and up to volunteer at the zoo, get trained to handle animals and eventually become docents.  They can also help out with educational programs and walk around the zoo with animals while telling visitors all about them.  Alexis turns 13 in June and already has her application started.  She can't wait!

The educational department had a really neat assortment of animals to show us.  The only stipulation was no one could touch the animals.  However, the staff walked around each and every person so they could get a close up view of the animals.  This tarantula was so fluffy and fuzzy.  Like a teddy bear.  With fangs.

This eagle was so amazing.  She had a very impressive wingspan and powerful talons.

This Military Macaw knows how to talk but was feeling very shy. 

The chinchilla was adorable!  He tried to dive out of the container and almost got away.  However, the handler was very quick and caught him by the tummy.

Do you know that bats eat about 1/3 of their body weight in insects every night? We have plans to make bat houses.  What a great natural pest control!

Lexie loved the snake and really wanted to touch it. 

Brandon was good just watching it from a distance. 

This star tortoise was so beautiful.  When the star tortoise is born, it's shell is flat.  The older it gets, the more prounounced the points on its shell become.  This guy was around 5 years old. 

The kids had a great time and it was so nice to get out and enjoy the day with them.