Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You thought I was joking about the Emu bones

I apologize for the following post. It is ugly. It is disturbing. It offends the eye. Not pleasantly aesthetic in the least.

I have mentioned a few times the curious things we find around the property. Like in my recent post, Digging Up Bones

Well, this past weekend we loaded up all our "finds" and removed them. I was astounded at all the treasure we found.

We find emu bones just like this all over the property.
Plus, hair. *shudder*

Don't ask me why the boy has one sock pulled way up and one that is not even visible.
I'm sure I don't want to know. Socks are a touchy subject round here.

Since moving in , we have found two trailer loads worth of junk. One load was removed by a man who recycles junk for a living. (Free to us) The other load was full of lovely things like you see here.

Old fence and some kind of electric insulation.

PVC pipe.

Satellite dishes, truck windows, various car parts and lots of rusty old fence.

Various cords and unidentifiable objects. Bags and bags of used propane bottles and trash.

My husband told me what this was but my eyes kind of glazed over and I don't exactly recall. Something about a high pressure jack or something to that effect.

Lots of pipes concreted into the ground. My He-Man husband took a sledge to the concrete and blasted it to smithereens. Then we told the children to pick up all the pieces while we sipped iced tea.

Just teasing.


We filled up the trailer and got all the junk out of our eyesight. What a wonderful feeling that was. We are keeping some of the items to re-use. The PVC will come in handy with our irrigation projects. There was also a large pile of rock left over from our fireplace that someone decided to sprinkle all over the property like fairy dust. My daughter and I used those to put a pretty edge on our vegetable garden. Plus, we found a ton of river rock in the back that I am going to load up and put in our front walkway.

We are slowly getting the property cleaned up and headed in the right direction, one drop of sweat at a time.

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Melenie said...

The mind boggles....Emu bones, rusty pipes, chains and car parts. Seems like you have your hands full with the clean up around the place. I love reading about it and seeing the pictures. :-0