Thursday, July 30, 2009

And what have you been up to?

Um...Nothin' much.

Juss' workin' outside until I stink like a dadgum pig. Or a goat. I don't know which yet. After a few hours, it don't matter much no way.

Sorry. I am writing this way to needle my very good friend who said I was gaining a southern accent. I had to tell her I was hiding it all along. The person she met was a total fake. I am such a fraud. All this time she thought I was a high falootin artsy-fartsy teacher. I can not live with the lie any longer........

I'm sorry. We all know I'm just a wanna-be country girl. A displaced Yankee. Will you still love me Jamie?

Got carried away again. I spent too much time with the goats and chickens today. I was talking to them. We had a real good conversation. Bonded. We relate you know, on so many levels.


This is what I have been up to today:

Imagine...There are beautiful flowers growing under this tree...Not.

I discovered 10 tons of river rock under a tree in the back yard so I filled in all the spots that needed it in the front walkway then I put some around a few trees in the front yard. I also had some left over slate so I used that as well. It is hard to grow flowers under the trees, so I put in a few hostas, pots, and decorative rock.

I'm sure your wondering how I could not know we had so much rock back there. Well, because it was buried under dirt/sand until our lovely dog started digging, revealing the treasure.

I love my dog. Sometimes. Only when he is keeping the deer out of my garden. Which he is not at the moment so I really don't know how I feel. We have a love/hate relationship.
I love the rock. I hate his lazy little hiney. I mean, how spoiled do you have to be not to chase deer off? Really?

And this is the other tree.

I pestered my piggies to pose for me. This one was happy to oblige me. Isn't she beautiful?
I know, lots of people think pigs are ugly, dirty, and smelly. But, I just love mine. I think they are sweet and smart and beautiful. Don't tell my husband but I named this one Miss. Piggy. He did not want me to name them but I secretly call her name. She loves it. She is a little piggy diva who loves to have her picture taken. And have her nose rubbed.

I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville

Oh, don't be shy.

I picked several veggies from the garden. Zucchini, tomatoes, beans, squash, jalapenos, and okra. Yummy!
Don't you just love the bucket? My honey gave it to me. I keep it by the garden just to pick veggies. It makes me feel special.

Here is the rock border Lex and I made for the Veggie Garden. This is the rock that was left over from the fireplace, sprinkled all over the property like fairy dust. We loaded up each rock and had enough to line 3 sides of the garden. (almost 50x50) Who says I don't recycle?

I checked on my beans I planted last week. Aren't they just the most beautiful sprouts you have ever seen? I mean, really? I love watching plants grow from seed. It is like watching a birth. But without all the gross stuff and just the beauty of it all. The sprout rises, the seed splits, the plant bursts out of the shell and makes its way into the world.


Just like a clean slate. A fresh start. New beginnings.
We could all use that.

I weeded the garden. I won't even show you the before pictures. It is too embarrassing. They were as high as my nose and clung on for dear life.

This is the very manly, high powered, far-reaching sprinkler tripod my husband made for me. Can't you just hear the man-grunts? I love my honey. Now I don't have to stand by the garden for 30 minutes hand watering each plant. He is so thoughtful.

Do you see something wrong with this picture?
The tomatoes perhaps?
What could it be?
Maybe my lazy, no good, spoiled rotten dogs are not doing their job?
Yes, that is it.
The deer have eaten the tops off of all my tomato plants.
And then stepped on them.
They are taunting me.
As if the fruit tree's were not enough, now they are going after my precious tomatoes.
Well, I get the last laugh.
You see, deer season is coming up.
My husband is an excellent hunter.
We will have deer in the freezer and out of the garden.
(insert evil maniacal laughter here)

I caught my pumpkin on the swing with her ipod enjoying the sunshine peeking out from behind the rain clouds. Oh to be 12 again.




Just another day on the farm.

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Melenie said...

It is so much fun for me to read and see all that you do on the farm. You are working hard, but it seems that you are having an awesome time doing it all. Love the piggies!!