Sunday, July 5, 2009

The fourth

We had the most wonderful fourth of July.

First of all, I am truly thankful for our military members. They defend our country. They put their lives on the line so that we can enjoy the freedoms our Constitution and Declaration of Independence ensures. I have a profound sense of pride and respect for our country and those that defend our rights. I love my God, my Country, my Family, and especially my husband who has served his country with pride for just about 16 years.

We are trying to instill that same sense of pride of country and respect in our children. They know the pledge, the anthem, and they know that the whole world stops at the end of the day on every military installation to listen to Retreat and pay respect.

We were swimming on base the other day when retreat was playing and I was amazed and touched at how quickly everyone stopped swimming and playing to put their hands on their hearts and face the flag. There is nothing like it.

Retreat is the first thing that plays at 5:00 p.m. on most military bases-

Then, it is followed by the anthem

These are played each and every day, not just on the fourth of July. Our military is brave and proud and deserves respect.

We had a very nice fourth of July. We played games and had a blast.

We had a 3 legged race.

There was a huge water balloon fight. (My favorite part)

There was an egg race.
We grilled.Just look at those arms, hands, and tongs. He is just the best looking griller around.

Grilled Yellow Squash with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil. YUM!

Sweet Chili shrimp, Brats, and hot dogs

And had fireworks.

We did all this from home this year.

The kids really wanted to stay home and have some quality family time together. I am so glad we did. We had a blast. And, we did not have to fight traffic and people or spend a lot of money for a good time.

I have to say, the next time you are feeling stressed or worn out....have a water balloon fight. It is therapeutic and healing and awesome.

Happy Birthday America.

May we get back on track.

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