Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Something Deadly This Way Comes......

This is another one of those posts that you absolutely should NOT read if you are:

A. Squeamish.
B. Don't like to see blood.
C. Have a weak stomach.

So, this would be a good time to go to The Pioneer Woman's Site and enter a contest.
Paint a picture
Come clean my house and do all my laundry.

Just kidding....

Wait, no, I'm really not.

Okay, if you insist on scrolling down, go right ahead.

Don't say I did not warn you.

Last chance to scrub my floors.

Anyone? Anyone?


Okay, fine.

This sweet pumpkin saved me and my middle boy from certain death this evening.
She has the eyes of a hawk and instinct of a mama grizzly bear.
She spotted something odd by the garden.

A strange pattern that did not fit in well. She looked again and realized it was a snake.
Not just any snake. A copperhead. Her brother was about to jump over it and she quickly warned him to stay back and told him where to go so he would not be in danger. I heard her yelling and came to see what was going on and she flung her arms up in front of me so I could not take another step and ordered me to be still. She pointed the snake out patiently while I repeatedly said "Where? Where? I don't see it." This was right at dusk you see and my eyes don't work as well as they use to. Finally, I saw it and got the heebe jeebies, the willies, and chills.

I. do. not. like. snakes.

I do not like snakes Sam I am, I could not would not in some jam, not in a pan fried with Pam.
Not on a tram or.....Ooops, got a little carried away.

Anyhoo----I screamed like a little girl and yelled for my husband. My daughter told him there was a snake. He asked if he needed his gun. I yell back, "Yes, No, I don't know, Yes." Clear as mud, right?

He brought his gun and shot it. Then shot it again. Once more for good measure.

It was still alive and capable of striking so....

My brave, wonderful, and very handsome husband..

Chopped its head off with a hoe.

He tossed the head out in the woods and fed the rest to......................

The pigs.

My daughter and husband are my heroes.
Without them, I would be dead.


Dart Budgie said...

God bless you Lexi! What a wonderful blessing you are! I am SOOOOO proud of you!

Two words for y'all: "Snake Boots".

Seriously, I have been thinking that we would need to all wear snake boots when we get back down south. I am now convinced. And we need hogs. And encourage king snakes, as they eat poisonous snakes. I might even start a king snake breeding program!

Y'all are missing a BAD hornet season up here--small yellow jackets (that actually seem pretty docile, amazingly enough) and HUGE bald face (at least I think they are bald face). I think i would rather deal with an occasional snake than incessant hornets!

I love that your sweetie used both the gun AND the hoe. I read something about a southern man's choices during the dispatching of snakes, that it was Biblical, and not to interfere hee hee. I will see if I can find it! Was he using a shotgun?

Can't wait to talk to you on the phone! Be careful! Give Lexi a big hug for me--what a heroine!

Melenie said...

I am glad that you are OK, love the action shots though! Keep safe.

Anonymous said...

Pigs and snakes. Makes me think of Lonesome Dove.