Sunday, July 5, 2009

She's gone.

Our sweet little kitty died yesterday. She was the runt. She developed a problem with her foot shortly after being born. That was almost completely resolved. Then, she developed an eye infection. We gave her antibiotic drops for a week and that was almost healed. We found her limp and weak 4 days ago. She was not getting enough milk from mom. She was 1/2 the size of the other kitties and just could not compete for milk. We brought her in and bottle-fed her every 3 hours. She woke me up several times a night to be fed and comforted.

She loved to be held just like a baby and would cry when put down. She ate well the first day but not the following days. I had to force her to eat, putting little drops in her mouth and watching to make sure she swallowed. That worked for a little while until she started just letting it spill out of her mouth. We took her back to the barn for a little while and stayed to see if she could nurse on mom. Mom wanted nothing to do with her. We continued to feed her and love her but it was not enough.

She died last night. We waited to bury her until this morning because I did not want to ruin the kids fourth of July. They were having such a great time.

Poor Cody cried and cried. It was his kitty. He named her Junior. (Think Cody Jr.) He likes to name anything he really loves Cody Jr.

A good life lesson for all of us but still hard none the less. I was really hoping she would pull through.

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