Friday, July 31, 2009

And Now...........Kittens

Well, I'm off to a large home school expo. I will attend workshops, conferences and refrain from buying every book I see. This is one of the rare times I actually want to leave my house. I will be by myself all. day. long. Well, apart from the other 3,000 people there but you know what I mean. I can not even remember the last time that happened.

The kids were getting tired of me. They wanted to kick me out for a while and this seemed like a reasonable route. Clever little things.

I wont be posting very much this weekend so while I'm gone enjoy these pictures of the kittens.

I'm sure I'll have some interesting story about how I stuck my foot in my mouth or completely embarrassed myself at the Expo but until then, this will have to do.

The kittens are getting big and playful. They have found their way up from the barn to the porch. They love playing with shoes and attacking anything that moves. Usually my feet.

They are attracted to my honey's shoes like catnip.

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