Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things I learned while doing yard work on Friday.

Grass does not grow where you want it to and it does grow where you don't.

Don't weed-eat ant hills.

No matter what you do, the weed eater will break or run out of string every two seconds.

Mosquitoes are relentless and evil.  Even after using 1/2 can of "OFF."

It does not matter how well-prepared I am, I still have to take 1,000 trips back to the barn for "one more thing"

Watch where you step.  Dog poop is even more disgusting when it is 90 outside.

Don't weed-eat a black widow's nest.

Don't adjust your garden sprinkler "just a smidge," it will never work right again.

The second you turn on the weed-eater, one of your children will desperately need something.

Bugs really like to fly in your nose and ears.

It takes 9 hours to groom 3 acres.

Some good things;

Sweating profusely is very good for your skin.

Carting around a weed-eater all day gives your biceps a great work out.

It makes you appreciate showers more than ever.

Your husband will think your amazing for all you hard work.

I'm trying to find the good everything.  

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