Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Spring Walk

It was such a nice day here yesterday.  It rained in the early morning.  Cooling everything off nicely.  We spent the morning making Cinnamon Rolls.  6 tins of gooey & melty goodness.  My blood sugar is still through the roof and the butter is starting to settle in my arteries.

We watched a few movies, then went outside when the rain subsided.  It smelled of fresh rain, honeysuckle and wet dirt.  I love the way rain makes everything smell.  Especially wet dirt.  I have always loved wet dirt smell.  Don't ask me why, I really don't know.  I'm just strange like that.  

The sun came out and warmed everything up pretty fast.  The kids got their slip and slide out because it was 80 degrees outside and they were already on the verge of heat stroke.  These poor kids.  They don't know what is coming.  If they think this is hot, I hate to see how they will act in August.  Maybe that should be poor me.  I can only imagine the whining, sighing, and constant requests for ice cream.  X 3.

I left the kids to figure out how to put the slip and slide up and went for a walk around the house.  The first thing I noticed was the berry bushes.  We have just hundreds of berry bushes all over.  What a blessing to have such an abundance of berries, grapes and fruit all over the property. Being in such a natural place makes me feel closer to God, at peace, and just happy.

I have been anticipating berry picking, preserving and baking.  All this time, I thought they were raspberry bushes.  Turns out, they are blackberry bushes.  Which is a wonderful thing because blackberries are just so much better.  Don't argue.  It is just a fact.  Just look at these beautiful berries.

These are just the few ripe ones I found here and there.  99% of the berries are still green.  I had about 4 cups worth.  There are literally hundreds of berries on each bush.  We are going to be inundated with blackberries.  It will be just..heaven.  Lexie made a blackberry cobbler.  She did a wonderful job.  She is going to be a master baker in no time.  

I also found tons and tons of honeysuckle.  

I have heard one can make honeysuckle sorbet, wine and jelly.  I  scoured the Internet and found some yummy sounding recipes I would love to try out.  So, today the kids and I are going honeysuckle picking.  While in Alaska, I made fireweed jelly that was just wonderful.  I hope the honeysuckle jelly turns out just as well.  If you'd like the recipes, let me know.  I'd be happy to forward them to you.

I saw some interesting flowers along the way I would like to identify.

This little nook is located on my very long driveway leading into the property.  There are so many vines and tons of foliage here, it looks like a jungle in some places.  Some people don't like the vines but I think they are beautiful.  

This little guy begged me to take his picture.  He stood still and posed.  He is more cooperative than my children.  Well, one of them anyway.  He shall remain nameless.  


Dart Budgie said...

Hey Camille!
I think the first one is a milk thistle.

Little Ducks said...

How interesting. I will have to look that up.