Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My latest project.

The front of my house was driving me nuts.  More specifically, the lack of grass, the abundance of sand and the overall dead-looking area in front of the stairs.  When something bothers me, I tend to get a little OCD about it.  I really do obsess and work on fixing it until it is done.  Sometimes that means I am working on a project for several hours, or, like in this case, days.  Yes, I do sleep, but only enough to get the energy needed for the next spurt.  I know, I'm a little nutty.  I'm okay with that. 

So, this is what the house looked like before.

Did I say we have sand?  Just look at it.  Dead-looking and empty.  No curb appeal what-so-ever.  Not that we have a curb, or that I want it to be appealing to others.  No. I just want to drive up to my house to a beautiful entry. Sit on my porch and not be irritated by my sandbox yard.  Have something I enjoy looking at.  

So, I remembered that there was a large pile of left over slate from the previous owner. Originally, I thought of making stepping stones out of the slate.  Most of it was broken in random pieces and I thought I would put them in concrete molds and place them around the property.  Well, then I thought I could make a walkway in front of the stairs with them.  So, that is what I did.   

I placed the slate down in different patterns and widths until I came up with one I like.  It reminded me of making a mosaic.  I love working with stained glass and making mosaics so this seemed more like an art project than a landscaping project.  The kids helped until they got bored, which was pretty fast.

I added river rock around the slate and filled in the cracks with, yes, more sand.  But, for a good reason.  The sand holds the slate and rock in place so we don't kick it around everywhere.  I also added two, 2 foot by 50 foot flower beds on either side spanning the length of the path.

I added in some heavily-scented gardenias and some random flowers I can not remember the name of.  They are hardy and do well in sand/clay.  I am also going to add in some rosemary and herbs.  My goal is to have a wonderfully-smelling walkway that is also pleasing to the eye. I am going to plant a few more flowers, then mulch with pine straw.   Also, I am going to till, and re-seed the front yard to try and get some grass growing.  I am thinking of planting alfalfa.  It grows well in the sandy soil and it it really thick and pretty.   

What do you think so far?

I planted some foxgloves right in the middle.  We had a bad storm yesterday, so I had to prop the flower stems back up to help them recover.  I have never seen foxgloves this big.  The stems are almost 3ft tall!


Dart Budgie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the walkway!!!!!!!

Love it. MORE PICS!!!

Have you thought of planting clover in your yard? I was thinking about doing that. Course that would attract a lot of bees if you do not keep it mowed.

If you ever get grass to grow under the trees let me know how you do it! I have never been able to.

Dart Budgie said...

BTW, this is steph--for some reason it is coming up as peekie's handle.

Ash suggested trying ivy under the trees instead because we are both wondering if grass will grow under the trees AND his aunt planted ivy under her trees and it looks phenom. :)

Hope you are not washed out from the rain!