Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy and dangerous weekend.

This weekend has been busy! First we had to complete the chicken/goat fence and enclosure out by the barn. By we, I mean my husband did all the work and I stood there handing him things. We (I really mean he) just need to put a gate on it and it will be done. We have let Ambi and the Divas out...That sounds like a pop group doesn't it? Anyway, we have let them out in their new enclosure and they really seem to like it. At first, Ambi was scared and did not know what we were dragging him out of his comfy barn for. Then he saw the yummy grass and went to munchin away.Until the big, mean, hungry dogs came and tried to figure out a way in so they could eat my precious animals. The squirt gun did not deter them much so........They had to be put in time out. On the tie outs. Mental note**Must figure out how to train dogs NOT to eat livestock. Protect..not eat.

Then came the dangerous part.
I have not seen a black widow spider in my entire life. Just this last week, we have found and killed 10. With their enormous egg sacks. (By we, I again mean my wonderful & handsome husband, except for one that was about to bite me. I stomped on it. A lot.) They are all over the tree stumps and branches under the trees we have been trying to clean up. They strike fear in my heart. I *know* we would be okay if we went straight to the hospital after being bit, but I just don't even want to go through that. We have been keeping the kids away from all the wood until we have their numbers greatly reduced. We have also shown them the spiders, what they look like from all sides, how to identify the web and what habitat they prefer. Hopefully, they won't get bit. We bought a riding lawnmower today and my husband mowed 3 acres around the house. I think that will help, along with doing a thorough check around the property. We have gotten rid of a lot of debris, so hopefully that will help as well. I found one on the gate to my goat pen. There is also a wasp nest on the gate. I am just so thankful I saw each venomous pest before it got me. That is hubby's first order of business tomorrow.

This is the hand of my brave husband. I would need a much longer stick and a whole lot more bravery. Aren't husbands handy?

Did you know that black widows can still crawl around after you sever them in half? No, well then here is a little show for you. Hopefully you can make out the front end of the spider. The back end was already smashed into a paste.

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Dart Budgie said...

hey trying this from my cell... The widows are scary they got bad in spokane from time to time.