Thursday, May 21, 2009

Part 2...The Museum

There are several of these sculptures outside the museum.  They are made completely of vines, by hand.  They are really cool.  They remind me of something the "Whos" in "Who ville" would live in.  The hallway leading to the children's museum regularly features local student's art.  Some of the pieces are REALLY good.  The one above was a wonderful pencil piece with lots of neat detail.  Albeit a little sad.  These little guys are just inside the children's museum.  They remind me of my kiddos.  Wild and colorful and strange.This is a collage of all used art materials.  This is what my home school room looks like at the end of every day...Just not as organized.There are computers to learn all about different aspects of art.  Have you noticed most of the pictures of this boy are the back of his head?  Or a hat covering his face?  The boy hates it when I take pictures of him.  He is going to be 30 and think he was  not as loved because I have less pictures of him than the other children. Imagine the therapy.  This is a neat balancing square that toggles back and forth until both sides are, well, balanced.  An important aspect of any art piece. There is a really neat room where the kids can jump around and their silhouettes are cast on a screen.  I have no clue how this works and there is nothing that explains it there.  I'll have to find out though.  This is the kids favorite room.  The colors and the screen changes.  Soo neat.The elusive Brandon strikes again.

And now, another round of moody preteen.  I am going to get through her teenage years by taking pictures every second of the way.  It makes it so much more fun.  Then, I'm going to make a collage poster and give it to her children so they can make fun of their mom.  
Don't let her fool you.  She loves getting her picture taken.

Oh, look!  I got one and he is even kind of smiling.
Sort of.

I would have taken more pictures of the museum, but I was too busy embarrassing my kids.  Until the battery died.  Darn, I need to start carrying a back up.

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