Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ambi Corazon.

Ambi for ambitious, (Thank you Arrow Sparrow....You are brilliant)  Corazon for heart.  Thanks Newbie from the Well Trained Mind..

You know, cuz he needs to have a lot of ambition to reach the "heights" of his goal.  Corazon, because, well, he has a heart on his head and he is heading for lots of loooooove.

I love his name.  Thank you for all the suggestions and help.  You all are much more creative than I.

Start thinkin up names for a pig....That one is next.

: )


Dart Budgie said...

LOVE the name! It literally rolls off the tongue :-).

Ok, now do you have a pig yet? Do you know what kind you are going to get?

Little Ducks said...

No pig yet, but we are lookin.

I have no idea what kind yet.

Is it wrong to say one that tastes good??