Friday, June 26, 2009

I need to stay away from anything with water in it. Apparently, I am a curse to pipes and am wonderful at breaking them. I'm sure you'll remember my recent water fiasco in the homeschool room. Click here for story

Well, yesterday I broke the main water pipe that runs to our house. Months and months back when we our tree guys were cutting down trees in the orchard, they dropped a tree on our water line, creating a huge geyser shooting up to the sun. Lee had to dig the pipes up and spend the rest of the day fixing it.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was watering the fruit trees in the orchard. To do this, I have to drag a hose from one place on the property to another. We are working on irrigation on the property, so this is what we have to do until that is done. Anyway, I watered everything, unhooked the hoses, put the hose on the four wheeler and started to drive off.

A geyser, smaller than the last one, burst up into the sky like a beautiful fountain. Apparently, the looped end of the hose wrapped around the spigot and cracked the main pipe.

I said a whole lot of words I shouldn't and later paid a few dollars to the swear jar. Again, I found myself speeding to the end of the road to turn off the main water. This time, I actually turned it off.

Then, I went to call my husband to tell him what I did. Only, the phone was dead. Great. So, I had to go stand in the driveway to try to get a cell phone signal. To get a signal, I have to walk around in circles with the phone pointed to the sky, at an angle, and pray. Then, when I finally get one it is at an angle that would qualify me to be a contortionist. Neck outstretched, head tilted, right arm twisted and pointed up, waist bent and leaning to the left with my right leg pointing due north. I have to hold that position and don't dare move lest I lose the 1/2 bar that actually shows up on the little screen.

When I finally get to talk to him, he is sweet and reassuring and tells me "Don't worry about it, no big deal." What a good man. I love my husband. He is more patient with me than I deserve.

We did go without water all day. I stunk worse than all 4 pigs combined. Lee got home as quick as he could to fix my mistake but he had a busy day and could not get away for a while. We managed with bottled water and ice cubes. Let me tell you something, you don't know true happiness until you have taken a bath with a bottle of Dasani and a washcloth. Pure heaven.

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