Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dear Sam,

I will never forgive you or your accomplice.

I should have known you were planning something.  You are always trying to find trouble.
There were signs of trouble.  I was in denial.  I should have known by the way you were salivating. 
The little attempts I did not take seriously enough, the time outs, all troubling signs.  It was all there.  I just wanted to believe in you.

You killed and ate several of my baby chicks.  They were only 3 weeks old.

How could you?  My special pink, blue, and green egg laying babies. 
Don't give me that look.  You are not a sweet dog.  You are a murderer.  

Seriously, you were never that cute.

I never adored you.

Okay, I forgive you.


Dart Budgie said...

Awww hon! I am so sorry about that! Even though Sam obviously did not know that there were "special" birds and "regular" prey, it must have broken your heart. How is lexi taking it?

I know there are ways to train him not to do that. If you want some ideas, I have some.


Little Ducks said...

Please send them on. I could use the ideas. The kiddos are fine.

Lex felt bad but it was not her fault. I guess she kind of feels like a mother does when her children do something wrong. Poor thing.

: )