Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm exhausted.

It's the good kind of tired though. The kind of exhausted you get after visiting with wonderful friends and doing all kinds of fun things like talking for hours on the front porch.

Going to a peaceful park on a picnic and having the ducks stalk you.

Visiting the Zoo.

All around goofiness.

(Sorry Kenz, had to do it)

Reliving History.

The Rosa Parks Museum was so neat. Very up to date technology. There was a time machine with a robot driver. Lots of screens that made learning about Rosa Parks and the events that led up to it exciting and memorable.

My favorite thing was sitting on the porch talking. Catching up and visiting. Looking at flowers and plants. My visitor was my good friend who was also my neighbor in Alaska. We use to sit around on our front porches talking. We would walk around our flower gardens and share what we had growing. She taught me a lot about flowers, and life, and filling my bucket. She is the kind of person that lifts you up and brightens the day. That is exactly what she did while she was here. She and her children were a blast to hang around. I can't wait until next time.

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