Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The rest of the story.

That title reminded me of Paul Harvey.  I miss Paul Harvey.  What a comforting voice  he had.


My baby is okay.  Thank you for your prayers and well-wishes. He fractured the capitellum, which is pretty rare.  He does not need to have surgery yet.   Hopefully, he won't need it at all.  The space between his fracture and the bone is 2mm.  If the space is larger than 2mm in 1 week, he will need to get it pinned.  I made the mistake of looking up the procedure.  I never want to see those pictures again, let alone imagine my sweet monkey getting it done. If your feeling brave and are not squeemish you can go to:

 If it stays at 2 mm. then he will just stay in his full-arm cast for four weeks.  They will check it at 4 weeks and see if he needs to have it on longer or not.  He may need some physical therapy or at the very least range of motion exercises. 

So, how did this happen?  Well, I call him a little monkey for a reason.  He is always climbing, jumping, and trying to figure out what dangerous daredevil trick he can perform next.  I am getting more gray hairs by the day.  The boy was standing on the couch with his back leaning against the top.  He fell over the top and landed on the rock hard slate floor on his elbow.  Then, he screamed bloody murder and made me have a heart attack.  His elbow quickly turned red, then green, then black and swelled up 4 times its normal size.  He could not move his arm at all.  So, Lee made a splint and sling for him and I carted him off to the ER.  Lee did an awesome job with the splint.  Everyone at the ER told me how impressed they were with it.  I am thankful to have such a smart, competent and calm husband.  

Cody is feeling a little better today.  He has a lot of shooting pains though.  I bought him a Color Explosion 3-D coloring book yesterday.  He is already done with it.  I guess I need to stock up on coloring books, reading books and quiet games for the next week.  We really want him to just sit with his arm elevated so that space does not get any bigger.  

Cody is not happy with me at all.  I keep making him elevate  his arm and not move much at all. He just wants to play.  Poor thing.  


Dart Budgie said...

Oh the poor baby! And mom too!

Hey, you know, if you want to hook him up in front of the computer sometime, he and Sax can talk...that might keep him quiet for a ....ok about a minute and a half, but hey! That is enough time for you to brew a cup of tea! :)

Let me know!

corefoundations said...

My son just had this happen last Sept.

He fell over a cat! Landed on his elbow just the right way. . .

Man, they only casted him to his wrist though so he had full wrist mobility.

His arm was noticably "wimpier" when the cast came off; and it takes about a week for them to be able to fully extend their arm again (I found that a bit surprising, so thought I'd share.) We had to go in 3 seperate times to ensure the crack did not get larger.

He did not have to do PT. Docs all said, little boys do enough PT on their own. ;)

Little Ducks said...

Thanks Sparrow. You are such a sweetie. I'll talk to him and see.

Little Ducks said...

Thanks for the info corefoundations.

Poor kid. He fell over the cat? Oh my. That is a llittle strange about not being able to extend the arm for a week. I would expect that right away but a week? Geez. I hope your little one is doing well now.