Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Recap

Our summer vacation is quickly coming to an end.
I am forcing the kids The children are thrilled to start our new
school year next
week. Just the smell of freshly sharpened pencils
puts them in a joyful frenzy. Oh wait,
maybe that is just me. At any
rate, we are starting our new school year on Monday. I for one
overjoyed to get back into a routine of reading, thinking, learning
and watching all those wonderful light bulbs
click above the children's
sweet little heads.

I have not updated the blog a whole lot this summer
so here is a quick recap of what we have been up to:

I did a whole lot of weeding and mowing and raking and shoveling
and did I mention
weeding? Oh my. The things I could have
accomplished if it weren't for those
disgusting weeds!

I worked in the flower gardens.

And in the veggie gardens. I harvested
about 300 pounds of red potatoes,
lots of butternut squash,peas, beans, okra
and tomatoes(the ones the darn horn worms
did not get!) I am going to plant a fall garden
as well. I will have lots of lettuce, broccoli,
cabbages, carrots and other
cool weather veggies.

This sweet, chubby, precious little
cupcake turned 13 this summer.

Please make her stop growing.

I shot and killed a nasty snake all by myself. It was eating eggs in
my barn and I just can not have that. I am terrified of snakes. There
was shaking and whimpering involved while killing it but I got the
job done. If my daughter was not there comforting me, I probably
would have chickened out.

Speaking of chickens I spent a lot of time chasing chickens from
the back porch, from eating everything in my garden and from
the front yard where they were eating all the grass seed. I finally
trimmed their feathers and made them stay in the chicken yard
for a while.

Worked a lot in the orchard, trying to get grass, flowers and herbs to grow.

Tried and failed to save an egg-bound chicken.

Started to learn how to make stained glass jewelry. Still working on it,
I'm a little rough.

Brandon (center) tried out for and participated in this years
Missoula Children's Theatre production of Pinocchio. He was one
of the Pleasure Island kids who turns into a donkey.

The kids started volunteering at the humane society.
(Click on Homeschooling above to see the details)

And I chopped off a good 6 inches of hair because of the
awful humidity that ruins any chances of maintaining
any other hair style.

The end.

What did you do with your summer vacation?


Tina said...

My kids will be dragged...umm uh...we're also looking forward to starting school on Monday :)

What is an egg bound chicken?

Camille said...

Hi Tina! Hope you and your family are well. The summer really went by fast!

An egg bound chicken is one that has trouble laying an egg. If it can't lay the egg it can die. Which mine did. I guess it is all part of raising farm animals but it sure does bother me when I can't help them.

Good luck this school year! Hope you and your kiddos enjoy it.

Laney said...

I went camping. Praise the Lord above that I did not have to shoot a snake! LOL