Friday, August 20, 2010


Oh, hi there. Did you bring me some food? Scraps? Rinds? Oooooh, I know, those little pieces of bacon that you burned for the 100th time? By the way, what is bacon? That stuff is wonderful, I tell you. Wait. What did you just say?

I'm going on a little trip? A field trip? Is it to the dump? I just love that place.
No? I'm going where????? What's that?

What chu talkin bout, Willis?

And I thought you loved me. All this time, you were just using me.
All the treats and buckets of food were just to fatten me up?
I feel so used and dirty.

Don't even look at me.


Tina said...

HILARIOUS! And this is why I LOVE your blog! I may have to cook up some bacon this mornin'! YUMMY!

Camille said...

Aww, Tina. That is so nice of you to appreciate my demented mind. : )

Humor is the only way I can deal with the whole process.