Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The sky is falling

Once upon a time there was a very masculine chicken named Henrietta. One day, Henrietta was squawking by the side of the house and throwing a hissy fit because she could not get back under the porch to lay her eggs when something hit her on her head. She immediately started running and clucking wildly as if to yell, "The sky is falling, the sky is falling!"

Of course, all of her commotion got the attention of the other hens and they came running to see what was the matter. What could it be? Did a chunk of sky fall and crash to the earth? Is the world going to end? Everyone stared at the gaping hole in the earth and tried to figure out if they were doomed.

Henrietta clucked that first something went and stole all her eggs, then something covered up the hole she used to get under the house, she was hit in the head and now there is a massive crater in the earth. We're doomed! We're all going to die!

Run for your lives!
Or maybe the crazy farmer lady just dug up a magnolia tree and hit the shemale chicken in the head with a piece of dirt. It was purely accidental but then the crazy farmer lady hoped that maybe it would simmer the hysterical chicken down and convince her to go lay her eggs in the barn like a normal chicken.

It didn't.

Maybe I should rename her Chicken Little. Or Chicken Licken.
If she does not calm down, I'm gonna order some Zanex.


Steph said...

Whatcha going to do with the magnolia tree?

Oh and you are killing me with those pics of green grass...just so you know lolol

Camille said...

I transplanted it in the orchard area by the driveway. I'll post a pic of it so you can see.

: )

Smrt Mama said...

I love your chicken tales.