Monday, November 9, 2009

Let's Hear it for Bachelor Number Two!

Meet our next bachelor, Butter. He likes going for long walks in tall green grass, head-butting on Friday nights, and loves beards on his does.

He is a young buck but prefers older does. Hopefully he will be well-received by our bacheloretts. They are hard to please and need a buck to that is able to hold his own.

So far so good. Both girls acted like love-sick teenagers. They were flagging their tails, curling lips, nuzzling noses and May kept doing this thing with her tongue. Weirdo. I don't think she has put her tongue back in her mouth since Thursday.

I pray that all goes well and we will have babies (and especially milk) in the spring.

Let's hope our buck can perform under pressure.


Tina said...

Just.Can't.Help.It. can you hear it? Bow chica bow wow...:)Chica chica bow wow!

Camille said...

lol. Too funny. I almost spit my coffee all over the screen.
: )