Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It has been one year this month since we moved from Alaska to Alabama. One year since we bought our house and completely changed the way we live. We went from living on an Air Force Base like sardines to wide open spaces and a house in the country. We have turned our land into a small hobby farm. We have a simple life filled with blessings. I am so thankful.

When we moved in , the house and land was a blank slate. There was no landscaping or plants at all.
We put in a 50 foot walkway with slate stepping stones and and framed it with gardenias, camellias, rosemary and various other plants.

We planted over 200 tulip and daffodil bulbs around the front of the house. We also put in hydrangeas, jasmine, wisteria, hibiscus, rosemary, crepe myrtles, columbine and various other perennials. Of course, it is fall now and everything is going dormant. I can't wait for spring. It will be so beautiful.

Above is where we put in a vegetable garden. There was quite a bit of clearing to get done before we could even till and plant.

The garden is about 50 x 50. In a few weeks we will fence the garden in and put a nice gate on the front. We will let the pigs in to till everything up and get the garden ready for me to plant in the spring.
We cut down 98 trees around the property. Many of the trees were in danger of falling on the house. The others were cleared to make room to put in a orchard and pasture. The above picture is what the orchard area looked like after cutting the trees down. We had so much clearing to do that it took almost 3 months.

This is after clearing. Grass has started to grow in where there was only moss.

We have planted 16 fruit trees and transplanted a magnolia tree.

My next project for this area is to put in a walkway and sitting area. I'm also thinking about putting in a small garden pond and fountain.

Above is what the pasture area looked like before we cut down the trees.

After we cut down the trees and had a barn installed.

This is now. The area has been cleared and we put up a fence. We still have a lot of stumps to deal with but they will be gone soon. I love how green everything has become.

We also picked up a few animals along the way.

All the hard work has been worth it. Our family has grown closer, we have all become stronger in many ways, and we are seeing the fruit of our labor. Our whole way of life has changed and I would not want it any other way. I am so thankful for our blessings.


Steph said...

I love it! God has blessed you so abundantly!

Kristine said...

Camille, I love this post. I don't get to blog read often, and I know just bits and pieces of your story. This pulled it altogether for me.

I've said before that we have similar stories; we moved from suburban Colorado Springs to the-middle-of-nowhere, Virginia two years ago. My house even looks a lot like yours.

What an incredible amount of work your family has done over the past year. God is SO good...

I'll have to read how you ended up in Alabama. Every AF family I know who goes to Alaska eventually returns to Alaska, so I don't know if your dh is retired AF or not. lol

Camille said...


I'm glad I could fill in a few missing pieces. I lived in Colorado Springs for 6 years. My dad lives in Monument. It is amazing how crowded and developed the Springs are now! I have never been to Virginia. I'd like to visit sometime though

DH is not retired yet. There are a few options we are weighing as he is up for retirement very soon. We are very torn about retirement and where to stay forever.

How do you like Virginia?

Melanie said...

Hey, we're Air Force! We moved from Alaska! I want a farm!


I enjoyed your post.

Rebekah said...

You've done amazing work with your property! Great job! How many acres do you have?