Saturday, September 26, 2009

A post of epic proportions.

Our third stop was in Washington state. We stayed with our very dear friends for just over a week. We just love this family. We really *need* to live closer to each other. I do not know how we will make it happen but I'm working on it. Each of our children are the same ages, have similar personalities and are all very close friends. We really need to live next door to each other. My friend is an inspiration. She is an awesome home school teacher, the sweetest and most loving mom, and such a caring and wonderful friend. I miss them already...

Such Sweetness.

We had such a good time at their house. My friend often does things for her children they do not expect. Special treats or surprises. This time, she bought whip cream and pie plates and let the children have a "Pie Fight" in her back yard. We did a lot of fun things while there but I think this was the kids favorite. They had such a blast. She makes me want to be a more fun and relaxed mom. I just love her. LinkWe went to the Pacific Science Center and had a blast. There were many floors to explore and a lot of hands on activities for the kids.

There was a beautiful butterfly garden.

This honey bee hive was located inside but the bees had an outside access. It was so neat! You could hear them buzzing and vibrating while they worked.

We were able to visit a few touch tanks that had sea stars, starfish, anemones and crabs.

Lexy's "souvenir" from the Science Center was a sucker that had a scorpion inside.
She actually ate the scorpion. She is a lot more adventurous than I. Or just crazy. Yeah, I'll go with crazy.

We visited the zoo and had a great time. The kiddos favorite part was going in the Budgie Buddies exhibit. They were able to feed the birds and had many land on them.

We also went to the beach near my friend's mothers house. The kids loved exploring and playing. Cody had fun playing with the bucket and shovel until he broke both. Add those to the list of things I have to replace because of his...Ummmmm... curiosity.

We had such a great time. We will really miss our dear friends and can not wait until we can see them again.

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