Thursday, September 24, 2009

Two Headed Snakes, Two Headed Turtles, A Fish Manicure, and Terrifying Heights.

We had a blast on our trip but are so happy to be home. I could not update while I was gone so now I will write several posts to make up for it. We drove from Alabama to Washington and did lots of fun things on the way. We saw friends and family and made lots of good memories.

Guess where our first stop was?
We had a blast in St. Louis.

Our first stop was at the City Museum. This is the coolest place. It has an aquarium and artistic structures inside and out the kids can climb and play on. There are climbing tunnels, structures, and slides that scale the side of the building. Yes, the side. It is all made from recycled metal from businesses, old plants, automobiles and houses. They welded it all together. They made slides from old metal roofing and giant pvc, climbing tunnels from enormous springs and metal and the biggest ball pit I have ever seen. Before I show you all that, check out the critters inside the aquarium.

These fish eat the dead skin off your hands. Lexy got a wonderful manicure from them. These are all the rage in many salons now. I was not brave enough to try it. My daughter is so much cooler than me.

This is a two-headed snake. It was so cool. I have a video at the end so you can see it move around. Also, there is a video of a two headed turtle. I have never seen two-headed anything before, it was pretty neat.

Nurse Shark

This is a puffer fish that is, well, not puffed. They do something to them so they won't puff up. I guess it can kill them. They were so big and weird looking. Almost human-like.

This ball pit was awesome. It had huge balls and had varying depths. The kids kept getting buried and loosing things. In the process of looking for his lost shoe, Brandon found some money. I told him not to come back up until he had $100.00

Lexy could not resist diving in.

One of the climbing structures about 4 stories up.

This was a huge slide. You had to climb up via the rope then zoom down the other side.

This scared the tar out of me. This climbing tunnel is made from old wire/springs and scales 7 stories up. There is no protective glass or plastic around the tunnel, just wire. Yikes. I was so glad when she got out.

We spent 4 hours here and just had a blast. If you ever go to St. Louis, do yourself and your kiddos a favor and stop by.

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