Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Stop.....Family

It is not often I have the opportunity to see my Dad and Cathy. I was so thankful we were able to work a stop in Colorado into our trip. The kids just love seeing their grandparents and spending time with them. My Dad has always been kind of cool. He rides motorcycles, grows his hair long, knows more about botany and music than anyone I know, and is such a hard worker. Now that he is retired he has more time to really enjoy himself. Cathy is the sweetest woman I have ever met. She is very smart and kind and really knows how to keep my Dad in line. (Just kidding, Dad, kind of)

We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo together and had a great time. We went on the sky ride first. What a beautiful view! When we reached the top, the zoo had astronomy stations set up with telescopes so that we could see the sun and sunspots through special filters. It was really neat. Until Cody was, well, Cody and decided to adjust the focus on a telescope when I was taking a picture. Sigh... He makes me sigh a lot. Well, at least they were able to fix it pretty easy.

On the way back down, we got a really nice view of the giraffe enclosure. This zoo has the largest giraffe herd in the nation. You even get to feed them!The kids were even able to pet them. They are so soft! My Dad took me to this same zoo when I was around 10. Even then my favorite part was feeding the giraffes.

Look at this beautiful animal. Giraffes are my most favorite zoo animal. I just think they are beautiful and sweet. Just look at those eyes!

Cody was trying very hard to feed them without getting his hands covered with sticky giraffe spit. I'm glad we had a lot of Germ-X on hand. Get it? On hand? I know...I need a life.

They had the usual animals..

These grizzly bears were play fighting and got pretty aggressive. So neat to watch.

These fish were in with the bears so they could hunt whenever they chose.

Lexy is always so brave. That is a millipede she is caressing. I get the
heebe-jeebies just looking at this.

We successfully wore Cody out.
I did not think that was possible.

We had such a nice visit and can't wait to see them again.

Bears fighting

I had my camera turned the wrong way for this video, so you may have to tilt your head to the left and use your imagination. Sorry. My software can not turn the video for me.

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Dart Budgie said...

Love the pics! Wish there was a close up of your dad--i wanted to see what he looks like!