Friday, January 30, 2009

Various musings

     We had a really nice week. I was really happy to find a local granary very close to my house on Friday. I was able to purchase freshly ground Whole Wheat Flour, Wheat Germ, 7 grain cereal (think oatmeal with lots of good grains) Wheat Gluten, Yeast, Raw Honey, Hydroponic Greens, Amish Butter, Farm Fresh Eggs, and Goat Milk Soap. I was in heaven. This is a sought after granary by the whole state of Alabama as well as around the world. Just down the road. I'm a happy camper! Aren't those just the most beautiful eggs you've ever seen? We had some for breakfast this morning along with some whole wheat walnut pancakes. The eggs were so creamy and yummy! 

In case your interested, they have a website and will ship their products via UPS.  It is  

     I am also going to try to make all our bread from scratch. The only problem I have had so far is the fact that our house stays pretty cool. Usually 55-65. Lately it has been closer to 55. That is just not warm enough to rise the bread. I am going to try a few tricks from an expert bread maker. She suggested to put the dough on top of the oven (with the oven on) and place a box over the bowl. This should trap the heat and help the yeast to do its job. The other suggestion she had was to run the dryer to warm it up, then place the bowl in there to let it rise. The thing I worry about with the second method is the fragrance from the essential oil I use on dryer sheets may contaminate the dough. There is no way to get the fragrance out of the dryer so I don't feel comfortable with that option. BTW..I am the worlds WORST bread maker ever. I have not had much success. Usually, I make really good hockey pucks or loaves suitable for the dog to gnaw on. I am going to start over and make sure I get it this time! It is frustrating b/c I consider myself a pretty good cook but have always struggled with bread. I'll keep you updated.

     The plants in my greenhouse have sprouted.  It is so nice to see green plants this time of year.  I am getting our cold weather veggies going for our garden.  They include: Radishes, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and spinach.  So far anyway.  I need to plant much more.  I have some flowers/bulbs started as well.  We are getting my garden plot ready but it is taking some time. We need to finish clearing out the massive tree we cut down.  We also need to till, fence it off, fertilize, and build the rectangular mounds.  So, yeah..pretty much everything needs to be done.  : )  It should not take too long though.  That is a project that should only take a few weekends. 

Lexy enjoys letting the goats out to play during our lunch break.  She really loves the baby, Sassy.  Sassy decided she wanted a taste of Lexy's hair.  I guess her beautiful golden hair somewhat resembles hay. Oh well, off to trim her hair.  : )

It was such a beautiful week our cat, Jamie even went outside to enjoy it.  I guess she thought she'd wait by the birdhouse and see what flew by. I just hope she does not bring me another "present".  1/2 of a bird and feathers all over the place is not my idea of a gift. 

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