Thursday, January 22, 2009

New School Room

I finally have our school room presentable enough to share some pictures. (still needs some organizing) It took me longer to settle in after this move than any of the others. Completing a full DITY across almost 5,000 miles, moving at the start of the school year, buying a house and sheer exhaustion contributed just a little bit. : )
I wanted a more comfortable school room than we had previously. I wanted it to be a place warm and inviting. Not too traditional or sterile. I used many of the kids projects to decorate. Lexy's insect collection is now in a shadow box with her hornet nest displayed close by. I framed some precious flowers the kids picked for me when they were little and hung them on the back wall. They are the first things I see each morning upon entering and it just puts joy in my heart. Their rock and crystal collection is displayed alongside their microscope and nature keepsakes. A stained glass butterfly (the first stained glass piece I ever made) is floating above the table. There are just a few bookcases (yep, 4 is just a few for me, lol) in the home school room. These hold just the kids reading books and binders with their finished work in them. The bulk of their curriculum and resources are stored in bookcases in my office.

I'm happy with how the room turned out. The kids are comfortable and not distracted. The muted tones and soft light really help us all keep calm and relaxed. Now I just need to stop buying so many books before I run out of room.

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