Friday, January 16, 2009

Frog guts.....

I do not know of any other girl who would ask for a dissection kit for Christmas. I think she is such a neat kid. (I am just a little partial) She dissected her frog on Monday and did a great job!
The frog was a female and was just filled with eggs. She was just about ready to lay them when she was caught. (Poor thing) Lex went step by step and learned about each organ and function and how they worked together. What a neat project! We still have a fish, worm and crawdad to dissect. I'm sure they all will be as fun as the frog.


Anonymous said...

Cool, Jacob wants a kit, Do you have where I can get him a kit?

Camille said...

I'll look up the information I have and get it to you.

: )