Tuesday, June 29, 2010


That is what I've been doing lately. Why hide you ask? Because my children follow me around everywhere asking me endless questions and they just. never. stop. talking...Who thought up this idea of giving children a break in the summer? Please tell me because I would like to kick them in the head. Back to schoolwork I say!!

Okay, yes, I homeschool but it is different when we are doing school. They are on a schedule. They do multiple subjects and there is no time for boredom. Our summer has been full of "I'm bords and I have nothing to dos and can I have ice creams and what would you do ifs" every. two. seconds. So, I hide.

I have been hiding in the garden, hiding in the barn, the orchard, chicken coop, in my office buried under mountains of curriculum, photos and books. Also, hiding in my closet with a bag of chocolate because that is the only place my children can not find me.

I thought summer was supposed to be relaxing, peaceful, lazy and fun. When I was a kid, I was outside all day. I made mud pies and played in the sprinkler and went on long walks and found interesting animals. Like humongous slugs. Then poured salt on them and watched them fizz and bubble and disintegrate. You know, fun kid stuff. Why is it such a struggle to get my kids outside and using their imaginations?

There is forced outside time around here. You would think they were told to go break rocks in a chain gang. There is moaning, crying and whining about going outside. Even when it is not hot. The only thing that gets them excited about going outside is the threat of raking or shoveling or doing hard labor. Then they scatter and can't be found for hours. *sigh* Whatever works, I guess.

Uh-oh..I hear them coming. Off to hide again. *Please send chocolate*


Anonymous said...

Yes, when the "I'm bored" monster used to come out to play, chores were immediately doled out.

Now, we homeschool year round and that monster seems to no long exist. . .

Camille said...

That is great! We do 1/2 school in the summer but I am considering full time. Meanwhile, I'll dole out chores. Bwa ha ha ha haaaa.