Thursday, June 3, 2010

This and That

I've been pretty scarce lately. We have been so busy working in the gardens and doing various projects outside. We have officially finished our "school year" and will be enjoying a short break before switching to our summer school schedule.

Everything is growing and blooming around here. It is so pretty and is such a great blessing after all our hard work.

Dahlias are my absolute favorite flower ever. When tulips are not in bloom that is. I just love these guys. Some of them are dinner plate dahlias. They get bigger than my kiddos heads. If you've seen the middle one's head, then you would be pretty impressed. (Just kidding buddy, I love you and your sweet head more than chocolate)

This is a lily from a lily tree I planted several months ago. These lily trees can get up to 5 feet. I can't wait to see how tall it gets.

These are my clearance sale Wal Mart roses. I got them for two dollars each. They looked very sad when I got them. I nursed and loved them back to life.

I have no clue what this is. I bought if from a sweet old lady that grows and sells plants from her home. She could not remember what it was but said it bloomed the same time as crepe myrtles and that they were very pretty. If you know, please tell me so I can properly care for it.

Cilantro going to seed.

My veggie garden is in full swing. I've already harvested about 250 lbs of potatoes. I'm planting corn where they were. I also have squash,

Sweet peas

Cucumbers and lots of tomatoes, okra, a variety of peppers and watermelon. Plus, I planted a lot of herbs in the orchard and started a bunch of new plants from seed. I love this time of year. I am truly thankful for all we have been blessed with.

We have a few new additions to the farm. This little cutie is a Banty chicken. They are much smaller than normal chickens and lay teeny tiny little midget eggs. They are so cute! You can't do much with them but she is fun to have around.

Just look at her next to the other chickens. She is so little!

My pretty Americana rooster is all grown up and beautiful. His feathers have so many different colors.

I got 8 Black Maran chicks. I have been wanting these chicks since we moved here but had not been able to find them. I feel like I hit the jackpot. They lay chocolate brown eggs that are so beautiful. These hens and their eggs are very popular. They have such a sweet temperament. The kids feed them out of their hands and pet them like little kitties. Too cute!

This is my newest Americana hen. She is supposed to lay pink eggs. I have only had her a few days and she has not laid an egg yet. I am anxiously waiting to see her eggs.

I traded these new chickens for something else that left the farm this weekend. I can't tell you what yet because it is too painful. Just kidding, I really have to go do a bunch of errands and am running out of time so I'll have to finish the story later.

Have a wonderful Thursday!!

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Steph said...

You traded Lee for CHICKENS????!?!?!?!
(hee hee!)

Ok, now I have to know what you traded for the chickens..... lolol!