Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stumps....or lack therof

After a year and a half of clearing brush, picking up sticks and raking. It is finished.

The source of my pain, aggravation, irritation and constant bellyaching is gone.

The stump men cometh and wrought a path of destruction in their wake. I could not be happier.

First, they cut down the stumps close to the ground.

Then their large stump grinder turned the stumps into sawdust.

Hardly a trace of a stump was left, except for a stray root here and there.

The crew was so hard working and did a wonderful job. They were professional, friendly and fast! They were also one of the few that gave us a reasonable price and negotiated with us. So, if you are in Southern Alabama and need tree or stump work done, you should get in touch with these great guys. (No, I was not compensated to say that, they are just a great company) They are also heavily involved in community and christian services.

We are now filling in holes, using the wood chips for mulch in the gardens and leveling everything out to seed grass. I can't wait to show you how it all turns out.

All the hard work has been worth it. Things are looking so much better around here.

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