Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snapshots from Christmas

We had a very quiet and simple Christmas. It was wonderful. Lex and I went to The Nutcracker as we do every year. Just us girls. It is something we look forward to every Christmas.

We were able to visit with family that drove down from Arkansas. They spoiled the kids and played a billion games of connect four with them. It was bliss.

We made a gingerbread house and so many sugar cookies that we could not eat them all.

I read The Nativity on Christmas Eve then we opened presents on Christmas morning and spent the day relaxing. It was so nice.

Lee's Christmas present to me was a huge pile of lumber and glass that he will turn into a beautiful greenhouse for me. He is so thoughtful and sweet. Or just really tired of me filling up every nook and cranny around the house with seedlings and pots.

Lets go with sweet.

Today, we are putting all the Christmas decorations away. I resisted the urge to do so the day after Christmas but I can no longer resist. It has to be put away today before my eye starts twitching. I need my house back to normal.

This is as close as we got to getting snow. A little frost that melted by 9:00 am. I'll take it though.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the time with your loved ones.


Tina said...

That sounds nice. We like similar things for our Christmas...I'll go with sweet too ;) Then I'd say that's awesome! What a great gift! Have a great 2010.

Camille said...

Nice to hear from you Tina. I hope you have an outstanding year. : )