Friday, August 7, 2009

A special Treat

My husband's Mother and Grandmother drove down to visit us for a few days this week. It was so nice to visit with them. The children felt very special having them both here at once. We have lived too far away for visits for a while, so it has been really nice living closer to family and getting to see them more.

They spoiled the kids. They played countless games of UNO and read them stories. The children were able to learn more about how their Grandmothers grew up and what life was like for them. These memories are special. Priceless. Ones they will treasure and remember for the rest of their lives.

We can't wait for the next visit.

It was hard to say goodbye.

Cody followed them down the road, waving.

And waving.

Until they were out of sight.

Then he cried that he would never ever get to see Grandma, kicked a chicken (which was not caught on this video) then went inside to play Operation, the game Grandma bought for him.

Poor guy.

Poor Chicken.


Melenie said...

Poor little guy! I am sure it was so much fun to see them.

Kristine said...

Poor Cody. I remember being young and having people leave like that. It felt awful.