Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Carnage...

I have been on a killing spree.  I've massacred  several on the front porch.  Some on the roof.  I even shot some dead from a ladder.  I have used specialized spray, home made concoctions, a shoe, a broom, and yes........even a spoon.  

My home was being invaded.  What else could I do but go on a rampage?  If you can bring yourself to look, I have posted a picture of the carnage thus far.  

Last chance to turn away.  

These are not cute honeybees 
Nor Bumblebees
Or any kind of gardeners friend.  
These are evil carpenter bees who want nothing else but to chew my house down to a pile of splinters.  
Evil, I tell you.
They like to taunt me.  They fly around my head then zoom up to the tippy top of the house where I could not possibly reach and chew and chew and chew.  Then lay eggs, feed the little spawn and the cycle happens all over again.  

I was doing really well until I ran out of wasp/hornet spray.  I was in no condition to go to the store so I put pure alcohol in a bottle.  That did work pretty well until I ran out.  One flew up in my face so I hit it with the closest weapon to me, a spoon.  Then I stomped on it.  A lot.  Don't ask me why there was a spoon outside.  I have 3 children.  2 of them are boys.  I could only imagine.  
Now, I have not completely lost my mind.  Male Carpenter Bees can not sting or bite.  They just buzz and make a lot of noise trying to scare you.  The female bees have a stinger but they are very docile and rarely sting.  So, I was not afraid of them and was never in danger of getting stung.  I killed about 15.  There are still around 20.
 I must get more wasp spray.  They know I ran out of ammunition.  Every time I go outside they hover around me.  Taunting and teasing.  
Evil little splinter chewers.

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