Saturday, April 25, 2009

Boredom leads to creativity......

     Moving out to the country has been good for our whole family.  We really wanted a more simple life.  Centered on family.  Somewhere the kids could really grow and learn.  The best memories I have as a child are those that stemmed from boredom.  Being bored leads to using imagination, boosting creativity and enjoying life's simple pleasures.  

    To encourage this,  I make my children play outside every day after school until it is dark.  They hate it.  They get mad at me. They act like they are going to die.  (Well, mostly just Brandon) They beg to go in and play the Wii.  Then, they give up and figure out something to do.  

     Boredom had lead to hikes, scavenger hunts, cloud watching, bug collecting, dog training, imaginative play, plant identification, gardening, photography, water fights, learning about shrews, taking care of goats and chickens, building inventions and sibling bonding.  And that is just the last few weeks.  

     So, the other day I am gardening.  (Without hurting myself this time) And I look up to see each of the children running here and there collecting items.  Like tree branches, old stepping stones, toys and their backpacks full of stuff from the house.  They make many trips.  They are working together, planning something. I pray it is not dangerous.  I hope they are not plotting to run away from home and find a Mom who will let them play video games all day and eat Twinkies and Lucky Charms and corn syrup.  

Finally, they disappear under a tree for a long time.  I feel compelled to check on them.  This is what I found-

Each child has made their own fort.
This one is Cody's.
Brandon's.  Notice the pulley system he is building?
He is such a smart and inventive kid.
Lexie's Need more supplies
    I love living in the country.

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