Friday, February 26, 2010

Piggy Wiggy

Two of the piggies left the farm yesterday to be prepared for my freezer. Wait. Three piggies left the farm. Hopefully, one will come back. We think the sow is pregnant and we really don't want to butcher her. We are keeping the Boar as well. I'm a little nervous to find out how it goes down today.

Loading pigs is not as easy as it would seem. I have always heard that when the time comes, they know. After yesterday, I agree.

The two that we did not want to load kept coming to us but the two we did want kept running to the corner. With a lot of food and many entertaining antics, we were able to get them loaded. So, after three pigs finally went up into the trailer, we closed the doors and called it a day. If we tried to get the extra one out, the others would surely follow and we would have to start all over again.

A friend came to load up the pigs and take them to the processor. Lee is off vacationing for a week, er..I mean getting laser eye surgery, so it was up to his friend and I to deal with the pigs. This same friend came to my rescue a few days ago when the pigs escaped their pen. I was able to get all but one back in. I tried for over an hour and was just about ready to put my 9mm to use when he showed up. It took a while but we got the little convict back in the pen.

It is a little sad to see them go. Raising them has been a really neat experience. I have learned a lot from them. Pigs are smart and funny and cute in an ugly kind of way. Hopefully, we will have a bunch of piglets running around in about 4 months. That is IF the sow comes back. I am sitting on pins and needles.

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