Monday, November 8, 2010

French Marines, Creeks, and Half-Naked Men

We went to the Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson Living History Days again this year. Thankfully, I was not imprisoned for being an unruly wife, like last time. I'm thankful to my husband for showing a little compassion and humanity to me this year. He is a gem. We saw several reenactments as we took a leisurely stroll around the fort.

We saw items that were traded between 1700-1820.

Among them, grain, mustard, fruit, bread and of course.......

Handmade muskrat mittens. They keep hands warm and simultaneously act as a tool to scare the heck out of your brothers. Okay, Lex, put the evil mitts down and walk away.

I tried to barter for this long handled paddle but it was a no go. For some reason, they did not think mints and lint was worth the trade. What-evah. I so wanted it for my homeschool room. Hey, don't judge, I need to keep order somehow.

This was a Creek Indian dance that was about their heritage going away. It was very sad.

But then. Then, there was this. He was saying something. Umm, it may have been important or informative or educational but I have no idea because his snow white... naked... bare legs were screaming over his voice. Sometimes, his lappet would peek out and I would think; Wait, was that?? No it couldn't have been. I have no idea what he said. Even after watching it at home several times, I still don't have a clue.

Happy Fronteir Days!

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The Foil Hat said...

Someone get that man an apron or maybe some pants! Yikes!