Sunday, September 19, 2010

Of Giants, Hula Hoops And Chocolate Dipped Bacon. Or As Some May Call It, The Alaska State Fair.

Isn't Alaska just breathtaking? Just look at the snow, the glaciers the endless miles of ice...... Well, at least that is what I was pretending it was from my seat in the airplane on the way there. Hey, it's a long trip. I have to entertain myself somehow.

This is the first of many chapters in the Alaska digest. We fit a lot into two and a half weeks and had a blast.

First stop, The Alaska State Fair.


Veggies grow so big in Alaska due to the nearly 24 hour sunshine and the rich soil. I am always astounded at how large they can grow. That is a lot of turnip. Soup anyone?

After the fair, some people donate their veggies to charity or give them to the city they live in for a giant Jack-O-Lantern. This year's winner is not sure what he will do with his pumpkin after the fair. He said he might just put it on craigslist.

Hula Hoops

My good friend's daughter said she would try the hula hoops if I would. Little did she know that back in the day, I was a hula-hooping queen.

All the kids joined in and out hula-hooped me. I just threw my crown on the ground and stomped on it. Getting old stinks.

Truly, I have no words. This was by far the most surprising part of the entire fair. You know I love me some bacon as well as chocolate but together? On a stick? That is enough to even scare me. No, I did not try it. Even though I was triple dog dared. I did try the deep-fried cheesecake but you know, I have to draw the line somewhere.

I let the boy try processed, refined and dyed sugar on a stick. Yes, it was as big as his sweet little
head. I had nightmares about cavities and ADHD for days after.

However, I did not let him have deep fried potato chips with processed cheese squirted all over the top. That was beyond scary.

I also held back and refused to allow them to get their hair dyed and cemented in various styles. I never let the kids have any fun.


We stayed with the most phenomenal family during our vacation in Alaska. I am very close with a wonderful homeschooling mom of three spectacular kiddos. I love her children just like my own and consider all of them family. Her three children are best friends with my three children. Our families are meant to be close to each other and we can't wait until that can be a reality. We just soaked up every second we could with them and had a wonderful time.

They had a great time at the fair and made a lot of great memories.

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Tina said...

That looks like such fun! I sure wish I could see that hoola hoopin' woman!